Making waves in WFH


Intermedia had a low-profile in the crowded unified communications market. It needed to elevate its communications strategy above the better-known competitive set at a time when, due to COVID, everyone was promising a better ‘Working from Anywhere’ experience.


It was vital to understand where the unique opportunity was. After an overall brand audit and proprietary audience research, we created a plan around the brand promise of better human connection and mapped it back to pain points overcome by Intermedia solutions.


Translating problems into solutions that were both functional and emotional, our brand awareness campaign and thought leadership work reached SMB target audiences via channels such as influencers, key media outlets, sales enablement, direct targeting and more.


The campaign drove 38,000 net new site visitors in under 3 months, with a very impressive 95% of trafficnew to Intermedia. We also achieved high emotional brand resonance, at almost double the standard industry benchmarks. This included a 93% lift in activation.


Net new visitors in under 3 months


Of website traffic new to Intermedia


Lift in activation, nearly double the industry standard


 Lift in emotional intensity and emotional association

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