The face of 5G


Insights showed that the 5G conversation was focused on the US market. Qualcomm wanted to change that by making its SVP and President of EMEA, Enrico Salvatori, the ‘face’ of 5G in Europe.


Whereas Qualcomm had industry-leading 5G chipsets, competitors lagged behind. We had to move conversations on from the perception that 5G was nascent to show it was ready to roll out – if you work with Qualcomm. We also launched/ran a personal Twitter account for Salvatori.


Hotwire developed an executive messaging platform for Salvatori focused on the 5G journey in EMEA, linked to but nuanced from the US/global journey. This was rolled out at a flagship EMEA press address at MWC, which we supported through scriptwriting and slide development. 


Guest speakers from the EE and OnePlus leadership team participated, positioning Qualcomm at the heart of the 5G ecosystem. And Salvatori was quoted in 18 pieces/videos, thereby becoming the European face of 5G.  


EMEA press attended MWC executive address


Articles/videos featuring personal quotes from Salvatori


Organic Twitter impressions for Salvatori at MWC

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